We’ve Moved!

The Social Media Security Podcast has been recently changed to the Shared Security Podcast.  For details on this move please read this blog post.  Your current podcast subscription should automatically update via iTunes or other podcast player.  Want to listen or subscribe to old Social Media Security Podcast episodes? Check out our archive page. Show descriptions are noted below on this website.

Please follow us on our new Twitter and like us on our updated Facebook page.  Our new website is located at sharedsecurity.net. Thanks for listening to the podcast over the years and we look forward to many more!

-Shared Security Podcast Hosts, Scott Wright and Tom Eston

Social Media Security Website and Podcast Reloaded!

Since 2009, I’ve been maintaining the popular Facebook Privacy & Security Guide that has been used by several universities and government agencies as well as regular users of Facebook.  If you’re not familiar with my guide, it’s a simple two page handout that walks you through recommended privacy and security settings for your Facebook profile.

The guide has been a labor of love but also required frequent updates since Facebook has drastically changed the privacy controls as well as the layout within the Facebook platform over the years.  Needless to say it’s been tough to keep the guide updated and also tough to keep it to a single page so that it can be easily distributed.  Today, I’m happy to announce that my company SecureState is now officially sponsoring the guide so that it can be maintained with frequent updates!  Having said that, I’m announcing today the release of the fourth version of the Facebook Privacy & Security Guide, updated with the latest information on Facebook’s privacy and security settings.  Please download and distribute to friends and family.

Also around the same time I started the guide, I started the Social Media Security website and podcast.  The podcast is still being recorded monthly and co-hosted by myself and Scott Wright.  Today we also released our 30th episode along with a website redesign for socialmediasecurity.com.  I’d like to thank the podcast’s new sponsor SecureState for the new design and support of the podcast.  Special thanks go to DigiP over at Tick Tock Computers for putting together a great site redesign and logo.  I look forward to recording more podcasts and getting the word out on how to safely use social media!

Social Media Security is on Twitter!

Just a quick reminder that we are on Twitter!  🙂 You can follow us at SocialMediaSec for all the latest news, articles and research in the world of social media security.  If you would like to contribute articles, research or have anything you want to contribute…join our volunteer mailing list or shoot us an email at feedback[At]socialmediasecurity.com.  Thanks for reading and for the support of the website!

Call for Volunteers and Contributors!

Want to help out with socialmediasecurity.com?  Have content and/or ideas to contribute?  Join our volunteer mailing list to join the discussion!

Security and Privacy in Social Networks Bibliography

We just added a fantastic link to 70+ academic papers about security and privacy issues in social networks. It is maintained by Joseph Bonneau from the University of Cambridge.  You will see a page titled “Research” at the top of the page where you can get links to this and other academic papers and research papers.

Thanks to Joe for the submission!