Facebook Privacy & Security Guide Released

Today at the Ohio Information Security Summit I released my Facebook Security & Privacy Guide. This guide gives you suggested “baseline” security settings that you can use when configuring your Facebook account. Obviously, you can adjust these settings based on your own level of risk but it should give you a good starting point.

How did this project get started?
I have been doing several months of research with my own Facebook account as well as gathering the input of other Facebook users to determine what the privacy and security settings would be without loosing the key features of using a social network website…the networking!

Please feel free to distribute this document to friends and family or use it for any security awareness campaigns. I will hopefully be keeping up with any updates to the document when Facebook changes things. I might be putting together a similar document together for MySpace but MySpace is a totally different animal altogether. We shall see! :-)

You can download a pdf version of the guide here.

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