MoTB Halftime Statistics Report

I’ve decided to gather and publish some statistics for the first 15 days of “Month of Twitter Bugs”.
There were 35 vulnerabilities disclosed for 15 different Twitter 3rd-party services.
12 of the 35 vulnerabilities were 0days (11 of them disclosed in the blog comments), which means there was no patch available at the time they were disclosed.
7 of those 0day vulnerabilities are still unpatched!
The average fix time for a vendor (not including is 18 hours.
The following pie chart shows the types of vulnerabilities found in MoTB.

As a bonus for the “Halftime statistics report”, I would like to present a bug that was submitted by Laurent Gaffie: Twitter Search Web Server Information Leakage.
The Twitter search server did not block access to the “.htaccess” file, which revealed the configuration of the Twitter search web server, including a block list of IPs (spammers?).
Status: Fixed.

While this bug is nothing compared to the recent Twitter servers/employees hack disclosure, it still shows that Twitter needs to hire a security engineer, and fast!

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