Facebook Polling Users About Privacy

I just completed an interesting two-question survey via an official link on Facebook.  The poll first asked to what extent, on a five-point scale from “completely disagree” to “completely agree,” I agreed with this statement: “Facebook cares about its users’ privacy and security.”  Next, Facebook asked if I would describe myself as:

  • Very open – I wouldn’t mind if everyone could see all of the information I share on Facebook
  • In between – I don’t mind if everyone can see some of my information, but certain information I only want to share with my close friends or family
  • Private – I only share things with people I know

The survey came from the Facebook Research Team.  I’m guessing the first question is not only to gauge people’s image of Facebook but a statistic to trumpet if most users answer positively.  (In light of Facebook’s naivete towards Platform privacy and security, I did not.)  The second question is interesting in light of Facebook’s shifts from more controlled/private to more open/public.  And as Bruce Schneier recently discussed in an essay on privacy salience, Facebook probably hopes most users fall into the “very open” category.

I certainly look forward to seeing the results of this survey if they’re released.

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