The inconvenient truths about social media risks to your enterprise

This article (click HERE)  has some great insights that are very consistent with what I am hearing from managers and professionals in the Legal and HR fields. Social media is here to stay, and you can’t block it completely out of your organization for very long. Sooner or later, you’ll have to look at it from every possible angle, and come up with a rational strategy for managing the risks.

You really need to stop and think about the implications and risks of Social Media, as they pertain to:

  • In-house Research, Collaboration and Development
  • Marketing, Sales and Business Development
  • HR screening
  • Product support forums
  • Employees’ home use of social media

There are many subtle risks that require cross-functional attention before letting people loose.

Are you just trying to close your eyes and hope it all goes away?

Or are you working with your team to lay out some ground rules for success with Social Media?

I am now offering monthly briefings, tailored to organizations that want to build and sustain security awareness for staff. Just because your security team is too busy to do its own training and awareness doesn’t mean you can’t have an economical way to address human security risks. Please call or email me at the coordinates below…

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